IHMC Public Cmaps (2)


                applet on the interpretation of gold foil experiment.url
                Applet showing the expected result for Thomson's pudding model in gold foil experiment.url
                Atomic nucleus from Wikipedia.url
                Atomic Theory.url
                Atom on Wikipedia.url
                Electronic Structures and Periods.url
                From spectra lines to Bohr model.url
                History of Nuclear Atom and related Chemistry.url
                Langmuir's model.url
                Langmuir model of the Atom criticized by Bury.url
                Lenard dynamids model.url
                Lewis Atom.url
                Lewis Cubic Atom Criticized.url
                Lewis molecules with cubic atoms.url
                Orbitals' applet.url
                Quantum Atom by Encarta.url
                Quantum Atom by Florida University.url
                quantum jumps for Bohr's and Schrödinger models.url
                Quantum Mechanics.url
                Quantum Numbers.url
                simplified electrocinc configurations applet.url
                Some pages of History.url
                Two Strategies for Encouraging Functional Relationships in Concept Maps.url
                Waves and Matter.url